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Portimão’s hero firemen rescue dog from drowning

A dog that was stuck in mud and had become “too tired” to escape on its own was saved from drowning in the rising tide of the Ribeira da Boina stream by Portimão’s firefighters last Thursday (January 29).

The animal, named Shena, had apparently been stuck since the previous day and was at risk of drowning as the tide was low but rising.

The female pooch showed signs of “hypothermia” and was taken to the local fire station, given a warm bath and wrapped in a blanket.

According to Correio da Manhã tabloid, the owner picked the animal up from the station, claiming it got lost as they had moved recently and the dog became “disoriented”.

It was the fourth animal rescued this year by Portimão’s Bombeiros, who save around 80 animals per year including dogs, cats, and birds.

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