Portimão’s former Sasha Beach nightspot ‘sold’ for €62,000 with whopping rent

Praia da Rocha’s former Sasha Beach discotheque has been ‘sold’ in a concession deal for €62,000 plus an annual rent of €36,000.

The deal sees the once hopping summertime night-spot turned into a restaurant which will run for nine months a year.

According to a statement by Portimão council, the ‘new owners’ were chosen from four bids, adjudicated on the basis of which was prepared to put up the most money.

Without revealing the names of the new proprietors, the council has said they now have three months to “recover” the premises and open them up for the summer season.

The area available includes 250 sqm for the beachside restaurant and another 3400 sqm of beach which can be used during the height of the season (July 1 to August 31) for the staging of events involving live music.

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