Portimão’s field hospital to stop accepting Covid-19 patients from other regions

Due to the growing number of cases detected at the region’s nursing homes, Portimão’s field hospital is to stop accepting Covid-19 patients from other regions.

The Algarve has so far given much-needed support to other regions by providing beds for Covid-19 patients at its field hospital located at the Portimão Arena.

But with 54 of its 100 beds already taken and new outbreaks at regional nursing homes, health authorities in the Algarve want to make sure they can take care of their own population.

Even as the pandemic has worsened, hospitals in the Algarve have remained at 80% of their capacity in order to keep 20% available for patients who might need more specific care, the president of the Algarve University Hospital Board (CHUA) Ana Castro told SIC this week.

SIC added that the opening of other field hospitals like the one in Portimão is expected to make the situation more manageable.