Portimão welcomes bumper-size Mar Algarve 2017

Minister of the Sea Ana Paula Vitorino will be braving Portimão’s Mar Algarve 2017 expo at Portimão Arena on March 24 and hoping anti-oil protestors are busy elsewhere.

The minister who stood up parliament and lied about the implications of concessions licensed to oil companies along the south and west coasts (click here) will be presenting “some of the news for the sector”, reports Barlavento newspaper, in a three day event which promises this year to be almost twice as large as it was when it first began in 2014.

Dozens of entities are involved, from IPMA (the national institute of sea and atmosphere), to the region’s sailing clubs, ports authorities, and research bodies like CCMAR and CIMA.

‘News’ of what the government may have in store for our seas will be offset by ‘animation’, including showcooking events, and space for exhibitors to ‘introduce their products and businesses’.

Talks and lectures will also be the order the day, designed to attract visits by schools.

As Portimão mayoress told reporters, the hope is that Mar Algarve 2017 will attract all sectors of the public interested in what may be in store for the ‘little country’ of 92,000 sq km of land which hopes to extend its territory by over 3.9 million sq kms of sea.

Ana Paula Vitorino’s visit will coincide with the presentation of “Estrutura de Missão da Extensão da Plataforma Continental” and Wind Float by EDP (concentrating on offshore wind farms).

The first however is the one environmentalists will be most interested in, as it may shed light on “deep sea mining” which anti-oil campaigners say is the next step in plans for Portugal’s sea (click here) and one which scientists vow is the ‘beginning of the undoing of us all’ (click here).

Mar Algarve 2017 runs from 10am to 7pm every day. Admission is free.

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