Portimão travel agent arrested: dozens of clients allegedly swindled 

Woman suspected of issuing up to €100,000 in  ‘false airline tickets’

A 30-year-old woman, working for a Portimão travel agency, is suspected of having swindled dozens of people by issuing false airline tickets. 

The so far unidentified woman is understood to have issued “false documentation under the name of the company for which she worked”, apparently pocketing the money paid to her.

When people got to the airports to board their flights, the fraud became clear, says Lusa, citing a statement by PSP police.

The statement explains: “On arrival at the airports, the passengers were informed by the airline companies that the tickets, which had been acquired for destinations to countries on the African continent and to South America, were not valid, nor did they appear in their (the airlines’) respective systems”.

The alleged fraud “resulted in the diversion of values that reached €100,000” causing damages to the passengers and the travel agency itself, the  statement continued.

The woman has since been charged with fraud “on large scale, involving “fictitious travel tickets”.

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