Portimão to open new vaccination centre at local fairground

Portimão to open new vaccination centre at local fairground

Portimão Mayor Isilda Gomes has announced the opening of a new vaccination centre at the town’s fairground (Parque de Exposições e Feiras).

The news came as the mayor addressed local citizens on Portimão’s municipal holiday last Saturday (December 11).

Works started on Monday to set up the new vaccination centre, which will be divided between two “large-size tents”. Says the council, the tents will be air-conditioned and boast all the “comfort and safety conditions” needed.

The vaccination centre is being reactivated at this new location because its previous venue – the local sports pavilion (Gimnodesportivo Municipal) – is “used daily by hundreds of citizens who would be deprived of their regular sports activity” if the vaccination centre were to be moved back there.

Portimão Arena, the large events venue located at the local fairground, was also considered an option but is being kept vacant in case it is needed again to serve as a field hospital as it already has during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 vaccinations are currently being administered at the town’s old health centre, which the local council admits is not equipped to handle the task.

By moving the vaccination centre to this new location (before Christmas, if all goes according to the council’s plan), hopes are that citizens will enjoy more comfort while receiving their jab (or jabs, if also receiving their flu vaccine).

Earlier this month, Faro also relocated its vaccination efforts from its local health centre to a new space at Forum Algarve.

Located on the shopping centre’s first floor, the new vaccination centre was described as a better option as it has more parking and is easier to access. According to health authorities, it is capable of vaccinating up to 400 people per day.

Nurses in the Algarve had already criticised the closure of vaccination centres in the region, denouncing that people were being left waiting in long queues out in the sun or rain to receive a vaccine at facilities that were not equipped for so many people.

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Portimão to open new vaccination centre at local fairground