Portimão to invest €208,000 in new fire truck

Portimão Council has launched a tender for the purchase of a new fire truck for the local firefighters in a move that will cost the council around €208,000.

It is being dubbed the “first big investment of the year in Portimão in terms of civil protection”, an area in which the council is planning to invest around €1 million throughout 2020 – a similar sum as last year.

Portimão Mayor Isilda Gomes says that even more money will be invested “if necessary, as civil protection is essential for the population”.

Meanwhile, local fire commander Richard Marques says the new vehicle will provide a much-needed boost as most of the fire station’s vehicles are “very old” and limit the brigade’s efficiency.

He also highlights that the new vehicle, which has a tank capacity of 14,000 litres, is versatile and can be used in firefighting scenarios or to supply water to populations.

It will also be possible to leave a tank of water or foam in a certain location while retrieving another, and the high-pressure pump allows water to reach large heights.

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