Portimão to implement new security strategy

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Portugal’s Secretary of State for Internal Administration, Dalila Araújo, has pledged government support for Portimão municipality’s new security proposals.

The project consists of the creation of a municipal security team and the installation of CCTV in strategic locations throughout the city and nearby popular tourist resort, Praia da Rocha (see Algarve Resident May 21 edition).

Dalila Araújo gave the backing after a meeting with Portimão Mayor Manuel da Luz, GNR and PSP police, Faro Civil Governor Isilda Gomes and representatives from local businesses on August 6.

Manuel da Luz said: “The creation of a municipal security team and the installation of CCTV in Avenida Tomás Cabreira at Praia da Rocha, where dozens of clubs, bars and restaurants operate, and at the historical area of Portimão, where there is a large concentration of businesses, are essential.”


He said that CCTV already works in other cities in the country: “We are developing a plan to identify the areas where the placement of this system is needed most. This is a tool that will help to prevent criminal activity, safeguarding the privacy and security of the residents.”

Dalila Araújo said: “CCTV works as a psychological deterrent to violent acts and is an asset for the consolidation of security, both for residents and visitors particularly in these tourist areas visited by many families.”  She added: “The current government policy, in terms of community safety, is targeted specifically at citizens and will be strengthened with the security forces.

“The municipal force will also play an important role in the cooperation with police forces in the maintenance of public order in the most critical areas.”

Manuel da Luz considers that this project is a priority for the municipality and will be included in the financial recovery plan for Portimão that has already been approved.

“This kind of project takes time but it is our vision and our desire that in 2011 the plan will start to operate,” said Manuel da Luz.

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