Portimão to construct two roundabouts in notorious “accident blackspots”

Portimão council is investing €200,000 to construct two new roundabouts in some of the town’s most notorious accident ‘blackspots’.

One will be built near the municipal market on Avenida São João de Deus, while the other will come at the Panificadora bakery intersection, near the town’s level crossing.

Both spots are notorious for accidents and bottlenecks especially at rush hour.

The roundabout near the market is designed to provide “much easier access to the town centre” and traffic along Avenida S.J. de Deus will start flowing both ways, says the council.

The Panificadora intersection roundabout is also expected to ease traffic flow, especially for drivers trying to reach Portimão Arena and the nearby area where the town’s new bus station will be built.

The changes were approved last week and are expected to take six months to complete. The council has not yet stated when construction work will begin.