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Portimão theatre opens

PORTIMÃO’S NEW municipal theatre, which represents a total investment of 12 million euros, was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Culture, José Ribeiro, on December 11.

This new cultural building, called the Tempo theatre, has an area of 4,700sqm and is part of a strategy to revitalise Portimão’s historical city centre.

Included in the building is an auditorium with 494 seats, a smaller auditorium with 164 seats, a café and a workshop, as well as rehearsal and exhibitions rooms.

The theatre will host a range of artistic repertoires, focusing on contemporary shows and creative workshops as well as theatre, music, dance, literature and modern circus shows, among others.

As well as aiming to appeal to all age groups, the theatre will be used to encourage visitors to come to Portimão outside the main tourist season.

At the inauguration, Portimão Câmara President, Manuel da Luz said: “This theatre points towards a cosmopolitan and modern concept, uniting the conditions necessary to establish a nationally recognised place for the promotion of culture.”

For more information about the Tempo theatre which is located on Largo 1˚ Dezembro in Portimão, please email [email protected]ão.pt or call 961 579 917.