Avenida Guanaré, Portimão
Avenida Guanaré

Portimão starts construction of new riverside road

Portimão is one step closer to improving the traffic flow of its riverside area.

The local council has announced that the construction of a new road linking Largo do Dique and Rua Júdice Biker in Portimão’s busy riverside area is starting this Monday (February 13).

The project has already seen the council purchase and demolish a set of rundown houses in order to make way for the new road.

The works are expected to last six months and will include the renovation of Largo do Dique, which will be off limits during the first phase of the works.

Largo do Dique Portimão

Any changes to traffic that will also affect public transport, taxis and parking will be “duly signposted”, the council says.

The plan is to create a new entry and exit route in an area blighted by bottlenecks, particularly during rush hour.

Portimão Council recommends using alternative routes whenever possible.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]