Alameda square

Portimão revs up ahead of F1 race weekend

‘Portimão Motorsports’ is an initiative by the local council that involves several events and entertainment taking place in Portimão until Sunday, October 25 and next month, from November 13 to 22.

There are concerts, car exhibitions, 7D simulators, gaming, an RFM radio truck airing live from Portimão and many other activities taking place at Largo da Mó and Alameda squares, 1º de Dezembro garden and riverside area to attract motorsports fans to the town.

The council ensures that all Covid-19 guidelines will be respected, and that safety is a priority.

Mayor Isilda Gomes says ‘Portimão Motorsports’ also aims to become a “concept and a brand to establish Portimão as a town that welcomes motorsports fans with opens arms”.

In other words, the local council wants motorsports fans to discover all that Portimão has to offer, from its gastronomy to its traditional shopping streets. And the road beauties strategically parked in some of the town’s main squares will certainly help!


1º de Dezembro garden, near TEMPO theatre
Alameda square

Riverside area, near Casa Inglesa