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Portimão revamps local commerce

Portimão’s mayor joined forces with representatives from the region’s commerce association (ACRAL) and Portimão’s commercial association on July 26 to try to boost the city’s local businesses.

Together they created the Unidade de Acompanhamento e Coordenação (UAC), a partnership which, along with a new image, aims to help to support local commerce in Portimão.

The UAC aims to create a recognised brand which is associated with traditional shopping and contributes to Portimão as a destination for visitors.

For this they also launched the slogan Portimão commerce in the centre of your life.

The event, held in Portimão’s First of December garden, also included the closure of the Projecto Fronteira Comercial Aberta, a project to provide a socio-economic and commercial boost in both Andalucía and the Algarve. Dr João Rodrigues, regional director of the institute that supports small and medium businesses (IAPMEI), ended the event with a speech about MODCOM, a system of incentives and projects to modernise commerce.

For more information about the UAC, please telephone 289 887 130/ 917 243 435 or email ga@acral.pt.