Portimão Retail Park to open soon

PORTIMÃO RETAIL Park, situated off the EN125 at Chão das Donas, will open to the public on Saturday, April 22, at 10am, owners Capital Invest told The Resident this week.

To celebrate the long-awaited opening, there will be live music, balloons and plenty of live entertainment in the stores over the opening weekend, guaranteeing a great party atmosphere.

Capital Invest will be launching an extensive publicity campaign this week to promote the opening, to encompass billboards, press and radio advertising, posters and flyers, as well as promotional vehicles. “The party is going to get started very soon. You won’t be able to miss our campaign and I can guarantee that the opening is going to be very nice,” Marketing Manager, Mariana Figueiredo, told The Resident.

Stores opening at Portimão Retail Park include Rádio Popular, Moviflor, Deborla, Staples Office Centre, AKI, Tricana, Extravaganza, Mundo dos Fatos, Ópticas Amaro and Espaço de Saúde e Beleza. The latest addition to this list is French sports store, Decathlon. All of these shops and several restaurants will open on April 22, however, the Carrefour supermarket planned at the park is not yet ready, and will open some weeks later. VIP guests are to be given a special preview on April 21 at 5pm.

There had been some opposition to the new Retail Park from local retailers and some controversy over licensing (see February 3 issue of The Resident), however, any bureaucratic obstacles now seem to have been overcome.