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Portimão PSP wage war on crime

PORTIMÃO PSP, with the support of other security forces, including Faro intervention police, undertook three separate operations last week in a major effort to combat arms trafficking, the use and possession of illegal weapons, the handling of stolen goods and illegal immigration.

In one of the operations, raids were carried out on private homes in the Caldeira do Moinho area of Portimão. Warrants were issued after a recent investigation identified several individuals linked to arms trafficking, activities that have caused a feeling of insecurity among local residents.

The operation in that area resulted in the detention of two men and a woman, aged between 19 and 68, and the seizure of various arms, namely a 32-calibre revolver, three 6.35mm hand guns, two of them customised, two 12mm shotguns, three air guns, three cartridges, various types of bullets, one sword and two large knives.    

In addition, various goods, believed to have been stolen, were recovered, including DVD players, generators, radios, amplifiers, speakers, mountain bikes, mopeds and a motorbike. Several vehicle documents were also confiscated. The detainees have appeared at Portimão Court, but it is not yet known if they will be kept in prison pending the main trial.

Portimão PSP also undertook a raid on S. João de Deus market, which resulted in the seizure of 456 pirated DVDs.

In a third operation, police investigated eight individuals, aged between 28 and 40, suspected of living in Portugal illegally. Six were Angolan and two were actually Portuguese citizens – one had escaped from Sintra prison in 2003 and the other was wanted by police. Two of the Angolans will be deported, while the other four have been formally notified of their illegal status.