Portimão port expansion plans on hold until 2017

Construction work to expand Portimão port, allowing it to receive larger cruise ships, will not move forward before 2017, the president of Sines and Algarve Ports (APS) has confirmed.

João Franco said he has requested a study on the port’s “operational conditions”, which are currently being assessed by APS specialists.

If they find the investment is worthwhile, tenders and community funding applications should begin in 2016 and construction work in 2017.

“We will take one step at a time, as we are talking about very sizeable investments,” he told journalists in Portimão, without specifying how much.

In the last 12 months, APS invested around €3 million in renovations at Faro and Portimão ports, including improvements to the crane track in Faro and the renovation of two docks in Portimão.

Further data shows that Portimão port received 34 cruise stopovers in 2014. This year, it expects to receive 48.