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Portimão plans big cinema production studio


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PORTIMÃO CÂMARA is negotiating the construction of the biggest film production studio in Portugal.

The idea was first presented at a meeting with the Algarve Film Commission, led by the internationally acclaimed actor António de Almeida, who lives in Hollywood.

The meeting happened two weeks ago and contacts with private investors are now underway.

The location of the facility has not been decided, although the most probable location might be a four hectare site belonging to Portimão Câmara, near the Exhibition and Fairs Park and the Arade Pavilion.

A spokesman from the Portimão Câmara told The Resident that this location “has strong possibilities” since its infrastructures are already finished and “it is very well located”.

Also, according to the same source, since the area is quite large, the project is expected to be complemented with multimedia and other facilities to support the studio activity.


The investors identities are unknown at present. The Câmara spokesman only revealed “there are Portuguese and foreign investors”, adding: “The Câmara is preparing the project and it is too soon to reveal any details.”

More detailed information about the project is expected next month.

The investment needed to build the studio has not been revealed but a local online newspaper, Observatório do Algarve, has said it involves an estimated investment of about 10 million euros.

Portimão Câmara President, Manuel da Luz, is very confident about the project as “there are no production studios in Portugal for cinema or publicity”.

The Algarve Film Commission’s José Manuel Lopes shared that opinion, adding that this investment is a “priority” to trigger the cinema industry in the region.

For more information about the Algarve Film Commission, please visit: http://www.algarvefilm.com/

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