Portimão photography contest returns to pre-Covid format

Portimão photography contest returns to pre-Covid format

… but online participations will still be accepted

Portimão’s photography contest is returning to its original, pre-Covid format for its 22th edition on May 14 – the in-person format is making its much-anticipated comeback.

The ‘Corrida Fotográfica de Portimão’ is described as the “most important of its kind south of the Tejo River” and challenges photographers to capture the beauty of Portimão by following different themes.

This year, the themes will be ‘The uncertainty of life’, ‘Resistance, resilience and survival’, ‘A fragile heritage’ and ‘Does it make me happy?’.

Portimão Museum

Photographers can choose to take part in the in-person competition, which will take place between 9am and 9pm on May 14 in Portimão; the online contest, which allows photographers to send in their photos by June 25; or if they are feeling inspired, both!

Portimão Museum is already accepting registrations on its website www.museudeportimao.pt

The competition is part of the celebrations of the local museum’s 14th anniversary.