Portimão park closes for long-awaited revamp

Several improvements are planned

Portimão’s rundown park Parque da Juventude closed on Monday (October 2) to undergo a long-awaited revamp.

Says the local council, the 15,000sqm park will receive extensive renovations to make it “more attractive” and offer new areas for everyone to enjoy.



The project involves restoring the park’s green spaces and existing trails as well as building a boardwalk and a watchtower, situated at the park’s highest point.

The park’s north and south entrances will also be renovated, as well as its playground, café, restrooms and lake, which will be equipped with a deck and populated with “water-purifying plants.”

The council has clarified that all of the park’s “resident animals” will be transferred to Portimão’s Quinta Pedagógica farm during the renovations.

Also included in the revamp is the construction of a new playground, an open-air gym, and the conversion of the former skate park into a new multi-use sports field. Meanwhile, the track previously used for remote-controlled cars will be transformed into a new park for radical sports.



The works are expected to last nine months, during which the park will remain closed to everyone except the athletes who train at the park’s BMX track.

A video showcasing the planned improvements can be viewed online.


Portimão Parque-Novidades

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]