Portimão Museum presents «The Fantastic Surfing World»

Gonçalo Cordovil’s photographic exhibition will be on display from August 5 until September 3.

Portimão Museum is inaugurating «O Fantástico Mundo Surfistic» (The Fantastic Surfing World) on Saturday, August 5 at 18:00. The exhibition, which will be on display until September 3, is a collection of photographs by Gonçalo Cordovil depicting the colourful surfing world through his abstract vision.

According to the photographer, the images that make up the exhibition «have as their central chromatic element the blue-green vastness of the sea – between deep and intense tones of marine green, dark blue, lighter and more crystalline blues of the shallow waters – to which the sky, with its variants and moods resulting from time, also lends a very special imprint, with emphasis on the range of dazzling colours, between the strong yellows of the rising sun and the reddish tones of twilight».


The exhibition combines real photographs of unique moments in nature with an abstract charisma. The audience is invited to use their imagination to interpret the abstract and surreal component of the displayed colour palette, in which each hue and tonality directly reflect the interaction between the sea, the sky, the land, the surfboard and the photographer.


About the artist

Gonçalo de Mello Gouveia Cordovil was born in Lisbon in 1965 and came to the Algarve at the age of three. Having always been passionate about the sea and the underwater world, he began photographing it from a young age, leading him to sharpen a keen eye for its details. Thanks to an aesthetic sense he developed through his degree in architecture from the UTL – Faculdade de Arquitetura, his imagination and visualisation of new forms are now part of his everyday life.

Ever since 2018, he has been capturing images while surfing and discovering a new world whose dimension goes far beyond photography.