Portimão mayoress praises “excellent” hospital treatment of seriously ill son

In the wake of the “Christmas chaos” reported at Faro Hospital casualty department (click here), some heartwarming and quite extraordinary praise has come from one of regional health administration’s fiercest critics – Portimão mayoress Isilda Gomes.

The woman behind a motion two years ago calling for the dismissal of hospital boss Pedro Nunes has publically praised his authority’s health professionals for the “excellent work” they have been doing in caring for her seriously ill son.
Gomes’ praise was made public on Christmas Eve (December 24) via Sulinformação website.

In a letter sent to the site, Gomes wrote: “Due to recent circumstances in my personal life, I feel the need to publically recognise the excellent work by professionals in the service of CHA.

“I have been in daily contact with clinical boards, doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, volunteers and everyone else who lives their lives in these hospitals. I feel enormous gratitude towards these professionals which impels me to recognise their elevated professionalism and dedication.

“I write this (letter) with an open heart, aware of my mixed feelings. It is my way of giving something back to those who do their job with humanism, a sense of responsibility and professional and personal investment in their patients and their family members.”

The mayoress added that her words were supported by “hundreds of citizens” who have experienced similar situations.

She admitted she has been one of the main critics of the restructuring of the Algarve’s hospital administration, which she claims is “unanimously acknowledged” as an inadequate solution to the region’s “real needs”.

But due to her previous criticism, Gomes said she wanted to “separate the waters” and draw attention to the “rare and precious gift for our region that represents excellent medical assistance”.

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