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Portimão launches online portal for volunteer work

Portimão Council has announced the launch of an online portal for volunteer work which aims to become a meeting point for people looking to donate their “time, skills or knowledge” to local entities in need of volunteer work.

Local citizens can sign up online, needing only to fill out a digital form with their personal information. They will then be added to the municipal volunteer database which will be managed by a team of council workers.

Those who sign up will also be able to see which local entities have applied for volunteer support and contact them.

Local institutions can also sign up by filling out a separate form.

The platform, accessible from the local council’s homepage ( by clicking ‘Quero ser voluntário’, also contains information about volunteer work from legislation to national and international news.

Meantime, the local council has also announced that it is accepting registrations on its website for the Municipal Volunteer Award (Prémio Municipal de Voluntariado), which aims to support projects that rely on volunteer work in the borough. Registrations will be accepted until October 15.

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