Portimão is a mess!

Dear Editor,

I really hope Portimão council will use some of the funds it is receiving to carry out much-needed renovations in the town.

Around two weeks ago, a group of friends and me decided to try out the basketball court in the sports area of Praia da Rocha … and it nearly cost me a broken foot!

The playing surface is made of wood and has rotted after years of exposure to rain. This is extremely dangerous, and I learned this the hard way when I got my foot stuck in a hole while running after a ball. Luckily, I didn’t injure myself.

I understand that Portimão’s finances are in a precarious state, but if they can’t fix the basketball court, at least close it off so no one else gets hurt!

I’ve noticed that Portimão’s skate park in Parque da Juventude is in a similar rundown state, not to mention several other public sports fields in the municipality.

Another issue is the roads. Now that it is raining again, pot holes have started to appear all over the town. While they are often fixed in the town’s busiest areas, many residential areas in the outskirts of Portimão are left riddled with them.

Personally, these pot holes have already cost me two tires.

It’s about time that Portimão start thinking of improving the living conditions of its residents, instead of only fixing superficial problems to please tourists and visitors.

A very angry Portimão resident

Name withheld