Portimão invites local artists to perform live stream concerts

Left with almost nowhere to perform due to Covid-19 restrictions, Portimão’s local bands and musical artists are being invited by Portimão Council to perform live concerts at the Tempo municipal theatre.

The performances will be streamed online on the local council’s social media pages on weekends throughout the next four months.

Says the council in a communiqué to the press, it will be paying €500 and €1,000 to each individual artist or band, respectively, for each concert.

The initiative is divided into two projects – ‘Portimão, Dá-te Palco’ and ‘Palco é o Teu’.

The first will see over 20 local musical acts performing at the request of the local council, with the first concert due to take place on November 22.

Meanwhile, the second is giving other artists and bands the chance to apply for an opportunity to perform. The form will be made available to artists on December 11, the day Portimão celebrates its municipal holiday.

According to the local council, the goal of the initiative is to “promote and support local musicians”.

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