Portimão hotel plays host to uninvited guest

OWNERS OF the Tropimar hotel in Portimão were baffled when they received a water bill earlier this week for 230 euros: the premises were supposed to be empty.

The hotel on Estrada de Alvor, in the centre of Portimão, had closed down before being put on the market for sale. When the bill came through, the owners visited the hotel to ensure it was locked before disputing the bill.

When they arrived at the front door, they heard the noise of a television coming from inside and, at the reception desk, they saw a trolley carrying silver wear among other items, which they had not left there.

When they got to a room on the third floor, they found the bed moved and a table with four chairs around it.

There were also numerous house plants decorating the room that had not been there before.

There was nobody there, but there were six pairs of trousers, jumpers and a pair of men’s underwear hanging up to dry.

When the police arrived at the scene they found identification documents belonging to a Portuguese man as well as used syringes, believed to have been used to inject heroin.

Portimão police are trying to find the squatter.

The owners are said to be angry that their property had been invaded and the police are unsure how long the unwanted guest had been living there.