AamA Exhibition

Portimão hosts 20th International Art Exhibition

The Asian, American and Mediterranean Art collection is on show at the Portimão Museum between March 4 and April 16.

The Portimão Museum is hosting the 20th International Art Exhibition – AamA between March 4 and April 16. The inauguration of the Asian, American and Mediterranean Art exhibition is scheduled this Saturday, March 4, at 17:00.

The art show comprises sculptures and paintings by 12 artists from various countries, including China, Romania, Spain, Italy, Azerbaijan and Portugal.

Under the motto “Freedom”, curators Arlindo Arez and Qi Lou invited international artists to present their work through their respective worldviews to provoke the desire to contemplate and disturb the observer.

The invitation resulted in a comprehensive collection of abstract art, in which each artist pictorially expresses and interprets their thoughts according to their origins.

The exhibition presents two pieces in bronze, one by the Spanish sculptor Miguel Isla, who already has a public sculpture in Portimão, and another in stainless steel, by the sculptor Arlindo Arez. Paintings inlcude works by Romanian painter Maria Balea, Catalan painters Rafael Romero and Silvia Acalá, Andalusian painter Fernando Barrionuevo, Italian painters Renato Galbuzera and Maria Jannelli, Chinese artists Luo Qi and Luo Tian, and Portuguese sculptor Arlindo Arez.

The AAmA project was born in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, created by Professor Qi Luo. Together with other artists and professors, he initiated the international project, bringing together more than 80 artistsfrom 50 countries. Its primary goal is to go beyond the borders of art and becoming a multicultural and social project.

The 20th International Art Exhibition – AamA can be visited until April 16 at the following times: Tuesday from 14:30 to 18:00 and Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.