Portimão hospital spends  millions on renovation

Portimão’s Barlavento hospital has set aside part of its annual 83.7 million euro budget to buy new equipment and renovate several departments.

According to Luís Batalau, President of Barlavento hospital’s administrative council, some funds will be spent as part of the campaign to improve the service for the 150,000 residents who the facility caters for – new surgical materials, anaesthetic and ventilation equipment will be bought.

The total cost of this new equipment, as well as a new CT scanner and monitoring machines for the intensive care unit, is expected to be 1.6 million euros.

Around 500,000 euros will also be spent on renovation works for the air conditioning and ventilation systems in Portimão and Lagos hospitals.

Recent restructuring works carried out in Barlavento hospital’s emergency department, which treats an average of 300 people every day, means that there is now room for 20 beds so that patients do not have to wait in corridors.

According to Dr Francisco Aleixo, who is responsible for the radiology department, the efficiency of the emergency room depends greatly on the equipment from his unit.

“The radiology department at Barlavento hospital is the only one in the south of Portugal that can carry out exams to measure the density of bones,” said Dr Francisco.

He added that radiology is now used to help diagnose breast cancer, illnesses in the digestive system and soft tissues, among others. 

Palliative care

Last month, the hospital also inaugurated the first palliative care unit in the Algarve, which cost around 300,000 euros and has 10 beds.

A project is also being considered by the ministry of health for a private pharmacy to be open 24 hours a day, all year around, at Barlavento hospital. “As well as a monthly rent, the pharmacy would also give the hospital a percentage of the funds generated from its sales,” said Luís Batalau. 

Meanwhile, a project to build a new hospital in Lagos next year is currently being studied which, according to Luís Batalau, is likely to be built near the city’s health centre and would include a 24-hour emergency service.

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