Portimão gets tough over debt legacy

No-nonsense mayoress of Portimão, Isilda Gomes (PS), is honing in on the hideous debt legacy of her administration, reports Correio da Manhã newspaper. “She had always promised a financial audit of the council, but now she has has decided to go further – the audit will also cover the management decisions of the former executive”, led by Manuel da Luz, says the article.

In other words, the audit will allow for an analysis of what went on behind the scenes to allow Portimão to accumulate debts of up to 166 million euros – some of the highest for any council in the country.

A source close to the Gomes is quoted as saying the audit will be open to accept all suggestions by opposition parties as to how to proceed. For the time being, adds Correio da Manhã, it’s not known what periods will be particularly scrutinised, nor whether the audit will be undertaken by accountants acting for the state or by a private entity.