Portimão flies its flag at Lisbon’s FIL

Portimão travelled to Lisbon over the weekend, to fly its flag for tourism at the Lisbon FIL.

Joining countless other councils who made for the capital on the weekend of the packed half marathon over the April 25 bridge, Portimão came equipped with its latest promotional video highlighting the 10 top events scheduled in the borough during 2017, and all the other activities the town has to offer.

“Portimão, Vem Comigo” was shown at the inauguration of the Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, while a wine-tasting session was also held, introducing those who didn’t know to the full gamut of Portimão wines.

Elsewhere, the event showcased local products, handicrafts and information on many and various activities, etc.

Anyone keen to see the borough’s promotional video should click here

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