Portimão flea market

Portimão flea market temporarily moved to riverside

Portimão Council has announced that the location of the town’s ‘Feira de Velharias’ flea market – held on the first and third Sunday of each month – is being temporarily moved to the local riverside.

The decision has been made due to the multiple events being held in the coming weeks at Portimão Arena, which is located at the fairground (Parque de Feiras e Exposições) where the flea market is usually held.

The events are part of the municipality’s Março Jovem youth programme, which include a five-day National Professions Competition entitled Skills Portugal (March 7 and 12), and the Misters and Misses Competition organised by local secondary schools on March 25.

The new temporary location for the flea market, on March 5 and 19, will be between the Clube Naval de Portimão and the Repsol petrol station.

Portimão flea market