Portimão fire station to undergo €500,000 facelift

A €500,000 plan to bring Portimão’s fire station into the 21st century has been announced, including the construction of new dormitories and locker rooms, and the expansion of the station’s parking area.

The works will begin after this summer and last nine months, the president of Portimão’s firefighter association Álvaro Bila told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

Bila explained that the station is “too small” as it was built around 30 years ago for a crew of 40 to 50 firefighters while the current force tops 120.

He guaranteed that the works will not interfere with the station’s daily activity.

The project is an “old dream” that is coming true thanks to a successful bid for community funding which will cover 85% of the costs. The bid was approved last month via the POSEUR programme.

CM adds that the station is also due to receive a new fire engine to fight urban fires this year.

Like every firefighting crew, the Portimão Bombeiros do more than just put out fires.

They are also called to rescue people and animals stuck in “hard-to-reach” areas.

In fact, firefighter Luís Mestre said in January that the Portimão crew rescues an average of 80 animals every year.

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