Portimão ends free delivery service as restaurants reopen

PTMàMesa, the delivery service launched by Portimão Council in January which allowed residents to order food from a local restaurant and have it delivered to their doorstep for free, has come to an end.

Says a statement on the delivery service’s website, the decision boils down to the reopening of restaurants and pastry shops as Portugal emerges from lockdown.
It adds that over 9,000 deliveries were made during the three months the service was operating.

Just two weeks ago, the local council reported that the service had generated around €130,000 for the local economy – more than double the amount that was invested in the scheme.

The delivery service was created with the help of comidas.pt, a food delivery company based at StartUp Portimão, and was free to use for restaurants, eateries and pastry shops as well as clients.

The initiative was part of the larger council-led scheme ‘Portimão Dá à Mão à Economia Local’ (Portimão Lends a Hand to Local Economy), which aims to help companies and families deal with the effects of the pandemic.

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