Portimão Digital Nomads

Portimão Digital Nomads inaugurates first coworking space

The Portimão Digital Nomads group has achieved a major milestone by officially inaugurating their very first coworking space in the centre of the village of Alvor (Portimão).

The grand opening took place on March 11 and was a huge success, with over 80 attendees, including Alvor Parish Mayor Ivo Carvalho and members of Portimão City Council.

The shared space can accommodate up to 15 people and boasts modern amenities such as high-speed internet and a communal break area. It is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm, is free to use upon registration, and open to the local community.

A coworking space has been a long-held dream of the Portimão Digital Nomads’ founding members, and they were proud to thank Alvor Parish Council for providing part of the historic Abreu Palace as the venue.

Founder Manuela Defrancesco, expressed her excitement at the inauguration, saying: “We are thrilled to share the opening of our first coworking space in Alvor with the whole community.

“We have many people to thank for supporting us on this journey. Firstly, the Freguesia de Alvor, and our members for their generosity and hard work in preparing this beautiful space.”

The group invites “everyone to come and discover our coworking space, as well as the lovely village of Alvor, its traditions and its people”.

Alvor Parish Council also released a statement expressing their eagerness to create a space for young people in the parish, as well as a workspace for remote workers.

“The Parish Council has long been aware of the phenomenon of Digital Nomads in the region. A few months ago, the Portimão Digital Nomads movement (…) reached out to us and we realised, from the offset, that we had common interests,” it explained, adding the aim is to “provide a dynamic and attractive study space for young people in the parish, as well as a space for digital nomads to work and share their experiences in Alvor”.

This is a significant achievement for the Portimão Digital Nomads, one of the fastest-growing associations in Portugal, which currently numbers around 1,500 members. Founded in December 2021, the group aims to unite the local and remote-worker communities in Portimão and foster regional commerce, particularly off-season.

It organises frequent meetups and events, including seminars, workshops and social gatherings, as well as volunteer opportunities to give back to the local community. The group also partners with local businesses to benefit members and stimulate regional trade.

Portimão currently ranks the third most popular destination for digital nomads in Portugal, fifth in Europe and has climbed to 10th in the world, according to a review-based list by Nomadlist.com, a leading platform for the global remote-working community.

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