Portimão demolishes shanty homes

Fifteen shanty homes, known as the Bairro do Palácio, on the outskirts of Portimão were demolished  on March 16 to make way for a new sports complex.

According to Portimão Câmara President Manuel da Luz, the shanty area had been a drug hotspot for several decades and its destruction is a positive sign for the city.

“A city that wants to be modern and competitive could not continue to live with a situation like that, it didn’t please anyone,” he said.

Manuel da Luz added that the inhabitants of the ‘bairro’ had been informed several months in advance that the Câmara had plans to destroy the make shift homes and had all been “re-homed in different places across the city”.

The new sports complex that is to be constructed by the Grupo Lena will take an estimated two years to build and include two swimming pools, a municipal football stadium for 8,000 spectators and a multi-functional pavilion.