Portimão council’s “no response”

Dear Editor,

I have just read your article on the Portimão civil protection tax (Algarve Resident, July 23) and that despite your repeated attempts Portimão council did not respond to your questions.

How many times have I read in your paper “no response to our enquiries or questions”?

Who do these councillors think they are? They are elected by the people to represent them and to respond to their enquires. However, they seem to do just the opposite once in office.

When are these people going to get real and keep in touch with the people who elected them? It should be mandatory that enquiries be responded to within 14 days. They would then be more accountable, less arrogant and not so keen to put up for office having to always account for their actions, and that includes the Mayoress.

At least €141 million in debt, so let’s see the books, ask who was responsible so that they can be made accountable. “No response” – surprise, surprise, and what a shambles.

P. Fisher
By email