Portimão council uses revolutionary new weedkiller

AN INNOVATIVE new type of weedkiller, first developed in New Zealand, is now being used by the Empresa Municipal de Aguas e Residuos de Portimão (EMARP), Portimão council’s environmental division, to eradicate weeds from the public footpaths and thoroughfares.

Known as Waipuna, the system works using hot foam composed of maize and coconut sugar, offering a totally biodegradable solution.

According to João Martins, chief of the hygiene and cleaning department of EMARP, this revolutionary product cooks the weeds, and, with successive applications, also kills the roots, making this a system that is effective for the long-term.

Apparently, this product kills the weeds twice as fast as the traditional method and is much safer for the workers as they do not come into contact with toxic substances. It is also less labour intensive because the system is controlled by a mobile computer system, using a mixture added to hot water heated by a diesel fuelled heating appliance. The machinery produces foam which looks like soap, and is applied to infested areas by technicians using special applicators. Normally, with the traditional method, the entire process is done manually.

This is the first time this new weed killing system is being utilised in Portugal and it is only being used in a few locations in the Algarve. This innovative product was patented in 1993 and is already used in other European countries like Germany, Holland, France and England, as well as in Australia and of course New Zealand.