Portimão council donates €25,000 towards animal sterilisation projects

Portimão council will donate around €25,000 to two local animal associations in a bid to sterilise stray cats and dogs in the municipality.

Around €15,000 will go to the Friends of Canil de Portimão (AACP) which will use the money to purchase “equipment and services that are essential for sterilising the animals in their care and for treating animals that cannot be treated at the kennel”.

The remainder of the cash (€10,000) will go towards ADAP – Associação de Defesa dos Animais de Portimão – which aims to neuter around 100 street animals in several spots around Portimão.

The deal was made official following the signing of a protocol between Portimão mayoress Isilda Gomes and the representatives of the two associations – Mónica Vitela (ADAP) and Patricia Nieuwe (AACP). Municipal vet Osvaldo Mateus also attended the signing.

Portimão council says it is committed to the wellbeing of its stray animals, having already sterilised over 500 animals in 2018 thanks to the partnerships it has developed with the local animal associations.