Portimão Bragança air link

Dear Editor

Your story “Impoverished council ploughs whatever it takes into Portimão-Bragança airlink” went as far as I suppose you could go to suggest this extraordinary waste of money is being justified for reasons that may never become clear.

What seems certain is that they cannot be the reasons given by the lady mayoress. “We cannot miss this chance,” she says, for entrepreneurs who want to invest in the Algarve to be able to fly in from Trás-os-Montes! Give us a break, madam mayoress! We were not born yesterday!

Portimão aerodrome now has to be brought up to scratch, with a “departure and arrivals area for passengers” so that this vital service is up and running by June 1! What absolute poppycock! Or perhaps a better description would be “pie in the sky”!

When will this council learn that what is needed is local investment in one of the Algarve’s most-depressed boroughs. Forget the whizz-kid entrepreneurs who will come here in their smart cars if the deal is worth doing.

It is time Portimão thought about the hordes of people depending on soup-kitchens through the winter while they wait for jobs which never materialise!

J. Lewis