Portimão-Bragança air link

Dear Editor,

A sensible business decision is made by considering expenditure against income, so let’s look at the viability of the proposed Portimão-Bragança air link.
Cost of upgrading airport – don’t know.
Cost of fire brigade – don’t know.
Staff wages – don’t know.
Interest on borrowed money – don’t know.
So expenditure is to quote the lady mayoress “whatever it takes”.

Number of flights per day – don’t know.
Landing and take-off fees – don’t know
Income from refreshment lounges – don’t know.
Total expenses – don’t know.
Total income – don’t know.
Profit or loss – don’t know.

So madam mayoress, could we please see your figures and business plan before you go ahead and further increase the already massive Portimão debt?
I also often wonder just what the personal finances are like of the people who run up such huge debts with our money on quite ridiculous schemes.
P. Fisher
By email