Portimão begins demolition work to make way for new riverside road

A set of rundown houses which will make way for a new road linking Largo do Dique and Rua Júdice Biker started being demolished in Portimão’s busy riverside area on Wednesday (February 9), the local council has announced.

According to Portimão council, the project will provide a “privileged window to the riverside area” from the Tempo municipal theatre and the 1º de Dezembro garden.

The goal is to improve the flow of traffic in the area and create a new entry and exit route in Portimão.

The work will continue into March and will involve completing the demolition work and preparing the land for the construction of the new road.

Says the council, a specialist from Portimão Museum is on-site due to the “historic relevance of the area where the houses are located when it comes to the evolution of the town over the centuries”.

The houses being demolished were recently purchased by the local council for €700,000.

The work is expected to cause traffic constraints on Rua Júdice Biker on Saturday morning (February 12), as the road will be cut off for a few hours, informed the council.

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