Portimão announces tender for summer nightspot

After facing criticism for not doing so in the past, Portimão council is due to launch a public tender for the rights to manage a beach venue near the town’s marina which every summer is turned into a popular nightspot.

Bidding starts at €10,000, with the winner being awarded the venue’s management rights for three years. The annual rent charged by the council will be €36,000.

The venue features a 250sqm beach restaurant which will have to be open “at least nine months of the year” and a 3,400sqm beach area which can be used as a party spot between July 1 and August 31.

Portimão council has been criticised in the past for handing over the management of the venue to entrepreneurs without a public tender (click here).

“This is a totally transparent process that will bring an end to the (beach spot’s) degradation,” mayoress Isilda Gomes told Correio da Manhã tabloid.

For most of the year, the venue is closed as it is only ever used as a summer nightspot.

In 2016 it hosted the ‘Portimão Summer Experience’ parties. It has also hosted Sasha, Meo Spot, Nos Summer Sessions, and Búzios.

A date for the tender has not been revealed though the council says it will be launched “very soon”.

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