Portimão announces mass testing following Covid outbreak among construction workers

Mass testing is due to begin today (March 24) in Portimão following an outbreak of Covid-19 among local construction workers. The goal is to avoid compromising the deconfinement plan that has already started throughout Portugal. Tests will be free and anyone can sign up.

The first case was detected last Wednesday (March 17) at a construction site in Portimão. Since then, another 11 cases have been detected among local construction workers.

“Construction sites, as we all know, are places with a favourable environment for the virus to spread easily. Workers often don’t wear masks, they work close together and this is our main concern – the increasing number of daily cases,” Portimão Mayor Isilda Gomes told SIC.

To avoid a new spike of Covid-19 cases, the council has partnered with the Algarve Biomedical Centre (ABC) to provide free Covid-19 tests at the local drive-through testing centre at the Portimão Arena.

The tests are available to anyone and can be booked online or by telephone. After requesting a test, citizens will receive a confirmation e-mail with the time and date of their test.

Says Portimão Council, the municipality had been able to bring its number of cases under control throughout the last two months before this latest outbreak.

“Today, the main goal is to stop this outbreak and any future ones quickly and effectively, preventing Portimão from suffering a setback in the ongoing deconfinement,” it adds, saying that there would be “very serious repercussions for the local economy” if this were to happen.

“This is why the collaboration of everyone is fundamental,” it states.

To book a test, (click here) or contact Portimão’s civil protection hotline (808 282 112).

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