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Portimão and Lagoa consider taxing ATMs

Portimão and Lagoa councils are considering applying a fee to banks for ATMs sited in public spaces, under a recommendation by the left wing political party Bloco de Esquerda (BE).

According to BE/Algarve member João Vasconcelos: “It’s a matter of justice and morality. If people pays taxes for using public roads the banks should also pay to use public spaces for the ATMs.”

The proposal will now be debated in a meeting of Câmara executives, who will decide if the tax will be applied and what values the banks should pay.

Meanwhile, Faro Mayor and President of the Algarve Câmaras Association, AMAL, Macário Correia said that this matter depends on the decision of each municipality. “It is a subject to be considered and should be reflected. Each Algarve municipality should decide on this issue,” he said.