Port of Tavira, still a fisherman’s dream

Member of Parliament José Luis Ferreira from the Green political party has questioned the government about the “much anticipated” construction of the fishing port of Tavira, a project that he claims has been requested for 20 years by the local fishing community.

“The lack of working conditions for Tavira’s fishermen is a reality and has got worse due to the deterioration and possible collapse of the east breakwater, which has been caused by the accumulated sediments from Ria Formosa and Gilão river,” Ferreira stressed.

In an application submitted to the Minister of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning, Assunção Cristas, the Green’s MP recalls that the port’s construction has already been re-scheduled several times.

In 2012, a budget of €2.1 million was foreseen for the first phase of the fishing port construction, which could also provide a possible application for PROMAR 2007-2013, he said.

According to Ferreira, the government’s intention to promote the fishing industry, as it claims in its programme, is “nothing but a fictitious bulletin”.

“The port’s construction has been repeatedly postponed and as result, the investment has also become higher,” said Ferreira.

||PROMAR 2007-2013

The Fisheries Operational Programme for 2007 to 2013, called PROMAR, aims to implement the policies and priorities to be co-financed by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

This programme financially supports fishermen and specifically consists of ensuring the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources.