Port of Sines officially suspends rail freight fees

Decision based on “instability and downturn in world markets”

Sines ports authority has officially decided to suspend its tariff for rail freight companies in 2024, claiming the measure – a fee of €158 for each train entering the port – has an impact on import and export companies that use this logistics corridor.

It has also taken the decision to refund all amounts charged to rail freight operators through 2023.

Contacted by Lusa news agency, the Administration of the Ports of Sines and the Algarve (APS) explained the decision was based on “the instability and retraction” of world markets.

“It was noted that 2023 has been a particularly difficult year for importing and exporting companies due to the instability and downturn in world markets,” said the text. Thus “this support measure” should help them. Indeed, the tariff was so unpopular, it stopped being charged in May, although it remained ostensibly ‘in place’.

Also, according to APS, the existence of “signs” that point to the possibility of “finding a different and balanced solution to the problem” of “operating costs resulting from the investment made in the expansion, requalification and modernisation of the Porto de Sines railway complex” have been another reason for officially suspending the tariff.

Applauding the decision, Portugal’s Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT) pointed out that “the technical and legal compliance of the value of this tariff” had never been fully demonstrated.

Source material: LUSA