Population fights prostitution

Dozens of residents of Vila Nova de Anha, in Viana do Castelo, finally decided to rise up against prostitution and spontaneously cut off all access to the grass parkland areas of the town used by most of the women and their clients, in an effort to solve what has been a growing problem.

“Sometimes more than 20 women wait on the side of the road used by numerous families with children to get to the town’s beach. It is a disgrace that does not seem to see an end. That is why we have revolted,” one of the protestors said. Equipped with machinery, the protestors blocked access to the most sought-after locations by the prostitutes and their clients, especially next to the Rodanho beach.

One of the local politicians, Rui Matos, shared a similar view to his peers. He said that despite numerous complaints to the competent authorities, the situation has not declined.