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Popular strawberry

Demand for Algarve strawberries has increased dramatically this winter due to a production shortage in Northern Europe.

Countries such as the UK, The Netherlands, Denmark and Finland are year round strawberry consumers but the lack of sun light in winter means they have to import the fruit from regions such as the Algarve, which has seen its stock of the fruit running dry following high demand from abroad.

Local strawberry and raspberry producer Pedro Vaquinhas told Lusa news agency: “With freezing temperatures, snow and lack of sun light, countries in Northern Europe are unable to produce strawberries at this time of year and have to resort to the Algarve, especially during the festive season.

“Our 12 hectares of land aren’t enough for the demand. If we had 100 hectares of land for strawberry production, we are sure we would be able to sell all our production,” said the producer who grows strawberries hydroponically.