playground renovated in Lagoa

Popular playground renovated in Lagoa

Council says playground is the most popular in Lagoa

Lagoa Council has completed the nearly €75,000 revamp of Parque Infantil dos Vales, a popular playground located on Rua dos Vales.

All the recreational equipment has been replaced with “new and more modern models” while a new floor covering was also installed, the council says.

The project also featured renovations to the playground’s cobblestone, benches and walls.

As the council explains, the Vales playground is the most popular in town and was in dire need of a revamp. It now boasts seven pieces of recreational equipment “for many ages” and the number of swings was also increased.

“The council is investing more and more in spaces of leisure, conviviality, and informal sports facilities, inviting citizens to go outside, mingle, do sports and have healthy lifestyle habits. This is yet another space with excellent conditions for children and youngsters to have fun,” the local authority said.

The council also calls on citizens to “respect all security rules” and help maintain the recently renovated playground.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]