Caption: Microwave? Cuddly toy?

Pop-Ups, Pet Park and Poinsettias

Pet Corner

Pop-Ups! The last one took place on December 15 at O Tasco restaurant in Senhora do Verde (Portimão). Another success! A small season, starting at Jolly’s in Alvor, across to Porches, then up to Recanto dos Mouros (Silves) and down to O Tasco.

“I know the idea of Pop-Ups for APAA was an odd one,” Jenny Clarke, president of APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve), smiles. “I thought they would work out if we could hit the right spot. Jams, pickles, cookies … All homemade, of course!”

Raising money is difficult enough, but Jenny’s idea did catch on. Clever crochet keyrings, lovingly made; wonderful shortbreads, intermingled with jewellery, pottery and cuddly toys. What more would you need? Willing, innovative people; a viable restaurant, bar or café helps; a couple of sturdy tables and someone to run the stall. After all, Anita had an abundance of experience in her earlier career as a floor-walking manageress of a large department store.

Caption: Microwave? Cuddly toy?

Pet Park
Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Pet Park’s Caroline England needed a helping hand, so she asked Suzie and Rick, a charming Dutch couple, to assist looking after the pet hotel. A lot more walking involved.

Suzie at Pet Park

Suzie is loving her experience. In Holland, she is a Veterinary Assistant. The outdoors and the animals are a bracing challenge which she and her partner Rick are enjoying.


We cannot move at Christmas time, for the beauty of the Poinsettia, an ideal Christmas gift. Flowering in Mexico and South America, known as the Euphorbia pulcherrima, it is the most beautiful of their kind!

Animals … APAA … Poinsettias … Patience!


‘Poppy’, one of our abandoned dogs, is looked after with love and care at Pet Park. Who needs a designer dog for Christmas? Poppy fits the bill and is a real poster girl.


Now, ‘Ela’, she’s a darling. Patient, loving, intelligent. Can we say more? Not a Cinder-Ella, just a lovely ‘Ela’.

Thank you
APAA’s Jenny Clarke, with her helpers and followers, would like to thank you, whether you follow us through the Resident, Facebook, our website … all of you, shoppers, helpers, members. Thank you!

From all the pets and the abandoned ones, we wish you a very happy Christmas and a healthy new year. Don’t forget that adopting and caring for an animal can enrich your life. Talk to anyone who has adopted an abandoned animal. They are indeed a friend for life.

How you can help
Visit our APAA charity shops, stuffed with Christmas goodies and more!
• Alvor – Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
• Silves – Rua Elias Garcia, 20, Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm
Look out for our new year Pop-Ups. Got a space, interested? Remember it is for a good cause. Paws for thought!

APAA (Jenny): [email protected],
Cats and cat colonies: [email protected]

Article submitted by APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve)