World Animal Day celebrated on October 4

‘Pop-Up’ events on the road again

APAA’s next Pop-Up event will be held at O Pescador in Figueira (Portimão), just off the EN125, on October 22 from 12pm to 3pm.

This spacious, friendly restaurant has a sunny patio and good parking.

APAA’s president Jenny Clarke beams: “This is the one, the really challenging Pop-Up, our second into the new season. We are looking forward so much to this new roadshow-style Pop-Up.”

Anita, who skilfully ‘wo-mans’ the Pop-Ups, agrees: “We have so many good things; items left to us by members.” Faithfully to their word, the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve (APAA) has chosen to get the collectables, antiques and classic items on show.

“The kindness of our membership lasts long, even after they have gone,” Jenny adds ruefully. “Their prized possessions at one time or another left to us for posterity, on behalf of the animals they loved so much.” Amongst the treasure trove items will be Mdina glassware, Lladró ornaments, pictures and lots more. There will also be APAA Christmas calendars and cards.

WAD, the World Animal Day, is held globally on October 4, which is also the day of their patron saint Francis of Assisi. Please remember that, as the world goes through economic and climate change, the animals put into our care are still in need. More than ever, the abandoned dogs and cat colonies need every cent available.

Pop-up goodies
Pop-up goodies

Helping APAA to help you

Their SNiP programme is one of their endeavours to clear the streets and countryside of the abandoned four-footed friends. We want to see canines re-homed and felines tucked into cosy colonies, where they can be fed and given creature comforts. SNiP is a spaying and neutering programme. “It works,” Jenny says. “But it costs.”

Great support comes from supermarkets, but volunteers are needed: “We get broken bags of assorted pet foods, even rice. It all helps to mix in for the cats and dogs to feed,” Jenny continues. But someone has to collect the stuff. “If one person is away, someone else has to take over. That is why volunteers are so important to us.”

Jenny has Jackie and Jane literally ‘on board’. “But our active members in the shop and cat colonies need a break too.”

Anita has just finished making out her list of “things to do”. She gives a cheeky grin: “See you on October 22 and don’t forget to bring your wallet!” Book direct with Manuela on 961 043 053 for O Pescador’s special menu lunch at €10 inclusive.

For more information about APAA’s abandoned animals and re-homing project, contact Jenny – [email protected] |


Charity shops

  • Alvor: Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
  • Silves: Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm.

Please help APAA by bringing your fabulous, unwanted gifts and goodies, especially Christmas tree garlands, lights, tableware, Father Christmases, novelties. Everything for a wonderful Christmas! Or buy that special gift!